Mayfair is a premium provider of administrative tax representation for individuals and businesses who are having trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, a state, or maybe both. We believe that finding competent tax representation does not need to be difficult and should be a service easily accessible by all people.

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    Mayfair Tax Representation​

    Unfortunately, many taxpayers make the mistake of trying to represent themselves for complex tax matters they do not understand. This may result in poor outcomes, intimidation, harassment, and unnecessary stress.
    Our team of experts with decades of experience can help protect you from collection action and provide you a roadmap to successfully resolving your tax matter. Mayfair believes in resolving your tax problem as quickly as possible and keeping you informed of our progress.

    Why Choose Mayfair?​


    We are experts and know IRS and state tax rules and procedures.


    We will fight on your behalf.


    We help individuals and businesses from all 50 states.

    We can help even if you are currently living outside of the U.S.

    We protect you from financial ruin brought on by tax authorities.


    Our team specializes in resolving tax matters.

    Our Team​

    A lot of companies claim that their team is comprised of experienced tax analysts, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and other tax professionals who have years of experience in handling tax matters. Face it, knowing tax rules is not enough to resolve a balance, it involves successful communication with all the parties involved to reach an outcome. The most important member of our team is you. We know how to resolve your issue and help put your tax matters behind you. Our team is not afraid to fight on your behalf.